BONATURA is a family-owned company based in Tešanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina, established in 2016. Our mission is to bring the rich natural resources of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the European and domestic markets. Our core activities include gathering, purchasing, processing, and exporting plant-based raw materials.

With our roots in Bosnia, we have forged close partnerships with local gatherers and suppliers, allowing us to personally oversee product quality and on-the-ground conditions.

Sustainability and preservation of natural resources are central to Bonatura's ethos. With 7 full-time employees and numerous cooperatives and seasonal workers across Bosnia and Herzegovina, we provide a significant number of job opportunities.

Inquiries are handled at our premises according to customer requirements. Our 1500 m² production hall is equipped with various processing lines, including cooling, freezing, drying, sieving, and sorting equipment.

Feel free to contact us for further inquiries.